lauantai 13. kesäkuuta 2015

Wake the Valley 2015 by Volcano Crew 24-26.7.

The dates and times:

Fri 24.7 at 12pm we r ready to open the camping site, Dj´s gonna hit the tunes on, cables start spinning on our turns with unlimited riding.

Sat 25.7 All day riding with a competition for the crown.

All camping site and wake park for our selves, Sligshot market place, Asenne SUP boards n clothing, beach front sky lounge restaurant Liemi with a wake lake view terrace, 2 x beaches, 2 x saunas, 2 x hot tubs, 2 x BBQ huts, 2 x cables, 2 x Damn everything =D
Tickets options: 99; / 109; / 129; (including service fee)

All tickets are included with free unlimited riding, breakfast for both mornings, dinner for both evenings, unlimited use of the saunas and hot tubs, unlimited use BBQ huts, Dj´s + band + artists.

More info:

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